Welcome to the Saper Law Immersion Program

New attorneys need real world experience counseling clients. New businesses need (really) affordable legal counsel. The Saper Law Immersion Program, in conjunction with The Starter League and 1871,  brings these two groups together.

Over the course of one intensive week, under the guidance of Saper Law attorneys, new lawyers will engage directly with start-ups to provide legal services in the areas of intellectual property, business, and social media.  For example, participating attorneys will create new business entities, file trademark and copyright registrations, draft licensing agreements, and create non-compete, confidentiality, and work for hire contracts.  A heavy emphasis will also be placed on new media and social media issues.   Finally, guest lecturers and excursions to the State and Federal Courthouses will expose students to litigation practice.

Businesses, in turn, are invited to participate and receive discounted legal services from Immersion Program participants under the guidance of skilled practitioners and a world renowned  law firm . While most new businesses will be sourced from 1871 or Code Academy, businesses do not need to be affiliated with either entity in order to apply for legal counseling.